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An unrelated person would never pay more than a discount value for a minority interest in a closely held company.
59-60(3) outlined the approaches and methods typically considered when valuing a closely held company for estate and gift tax purposes.
In a family-held or closely held company, the dominant family member or largest shareholder may want to hold the chairman's post for monitoring reasons.
If there is no obvious buyer for a closely held company, the majority shareholder can sell his or her stock to a leveraged ESOP (explained later).
com) is a closely held company providing the a) IPTV Management of Customer interface and Marketing of operator co-defined bundles b) Content Delivery Network Technology Deployment & manpower support with inputs from top Techno-providers; c) Content Aggregation & digital Re-purposing for Content-providers.
The sellers asserted the term "stock," as used in the securities acts, did not include the transfer of 100% of the stock of a closely held company.
The closely held company will operate as Data Impact in the U.
Based in Dedham, Massachusetts, it is a closely held company operating under the third generation of leadership by the Redstone family.
The closely held company has partnerships with leading hospitals in Korea and is working with these institutions to understand a range of diseases and help develop personalized approaches based on individual genotypes.
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Eighth Wonder is a private, closely held company that conceives, designs and develops entertainment and leisure resorts, retail complexes and casinos around the world.