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He said the date of the clothing label found with the body suggests the woman may have been murdered some time after 1987.
Slazenger, once one of the best-known names in sports fashion, has been revived as a clothing label by Liverpool fashion company Microbrands One.
Wearing it well: Keman Allen at the launch of clothing label Council Royalty.
SUPER ice skater NATALIE Pinkham launched her own clothing label Circle of Gentlemen this week with a bash at the Sanctum Hotel.
He now hopes to launch a new clothing label in his home city.
Next came clothing label Gucci, with Cadillac fourth.
Crime scene detectives found a number of items with the skeleton: a dime or ten cent piece minted in 1968, a Bulova watch, a gold signet ring imprinted with initials "PMcG," a size-32A bra, panty-hose, seven buttons, part of a bag of rat poison, a clothing label and a plastic toy soldier.
The 22-year-old, who finished a degree in fashion design at Carmarthenshire College in June, is in the process of setting up her own clothing label.
The young designer and founder of Mosayk is working hard to take his new clothing label to the next level.
London, May 10 ( ANI ): Cristiano Ronaldo, who spends plenty of time apart from his girlfriend Irina Shayk thanks to their hectic work schedules, can now enjoy seeing his model love splashed on billboards around Madrid in a sizzling new campaign for Spanish clothing label Blanco.
Meanwhile, Mitch has said the singer was involved in a collaboration with clothing label Fred Perry.

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