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61) The mineral components of these agents (smectite and kaolin, respectively) were found to be potent activators of the intrinsic clotting cascade, promoting faster and stronger clot formation when added to native blood.
Therefore, SSRIs may reverse many of the depression-associated effects on the platelet clotting cascade.
These herbs interact with the clotting cascade and create a potentially lethal interaction when used in conjunction with anticoagulants.
Through an intricate clotting cascade, it ultimately manufactures a fine mesh of a substance called fibrin.
In this section we quantify the anti-coagulant market and discuss the key products, the clotting cascade and the impact the key products have on it, product positing analysis, overview of key R&D products and a market development timeline.
For those TEE cases involving octagam 5%, however, the root cause was determined to be associated only with activated Factor XI, one of the many coagulation factors involved in the complex clotting cascade.