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After a thorough review of the literature that included the assistance of a professional librarian, no articles were located on the role of povidone-iodine in assisting or hindering the clotting cascade.
This bleeding disorder lacks some of the protein components of the clotting cascade, often referred to as the glue that helps a clot stick together.
In addition to water absorption, which concentrates clotting factors, the granules have negative electrostatic charges that activate the intrinsic clotting cascade and accelerate the blood-clotting process.
Collagen provides binding sites for platelets, which degranulate, releasing coagulation factors and initiating the clotting cascade.
Recent studies point to an association between depression and several defects in the clotting cascade.
Bioactive compounds that act by inhibiting anglo-genesis, inflammation, smooth muscle cell proliferation, or the clotting cascade can be incorporated.
Behe and other advocates of ID trotted out the mouse trap, the bacterial flagellum, the clotting cascade, and their standard examples of "irreducible complexity.
These herbs interact with the clotting cascade and create a potentially lethal interaction when used in conjunction with anticoagulants.
Soderhall and coworkers (2, 3, 4, 5) deemed proPO absent from the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus, claiming that the primary [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE I OMITTED] Limulus defense mechanism exists in a similar proteolytic clotting cascade that yields coagulin.
Through an intricate clotting cascade, it ultimately manufactures a fine mesh of a substance called fibrin.
Investigation of her clotting cascade revealed a moderate deficiency of factor XII (42%) which was unlikely to be an aetiological factor.