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The procedure by which debate is formally ended in a meeting or legislature so that a vote may be taken.

Cloture is a means of terminating a filibuster, which is a prolonged speech on the floor of the Senate designed to forestall legislative action.


noun abandonment, abeyance, adjournal, adjournment, arrest, break, cease, cessation, check, closure, desistance, discontinuance, discontinuation, halt, interruption, lapse, letup, lull, noncontinuance, recess, standstill, stay, stop, stoppage, suspension, withdrawal
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Despite the urgency to resolve the nation's economic crisis, a disproportionate amount of the Senate's business is spent on the voting on cloture motions.
As noted above, reforms in the filibuster and the cloture rule to tip the scales of action more toward the majority might have the salutary effect of reducing some of the tactics used by the majority to overcome obstruction, such as routine early filing of cloture motions and restricting minority amendments.
whenever a cloture motion supported by a majority of the Senate is
Calling the cloture motion proposal "another reactionary movement masquerading in the name of reform," Sherman argued that an elimination of the filibuster goes directly against the constitutional principles upon which the Senate as a body was formed.
However, a Congressional Research Study found when a cloture motion is agreed to in order to start debate, 40 of 41 bills, or 97.
On Thursday, July 29, Republican Senators defeated a procedural cloture motion to limit debate and move toward a final vote on the Senate version of the Small Business Jobs Act (H.
In Senate debate that began on May 24, 2010, a cloture motion was filed on May 25, 2010.
Today's cloture motion passed after a failed attempt on Wednesday when a pair of Democratic senators said a few more amendments needed to be considered.
I am hopeful that Republicans share our belief that now is the time to complete our work on this important bill and move back to our equally important jobs agenda," Reid said in a released statement after filing the cloture motion.
The first procedural vote on the effort was blocked on Monday by Senate Republicans, with a cloture motion failing in a 57-41 vote.
From that point forward, debate in the Senate concerning the nomination had moved beyond the question of whether to consider and on to the question of whether to confirm Under these circumstances, Senate approval of only one cloture motion, not two, was required to end debate and bring the nomination to a confirmation vote.