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The North American Healthcare and Life Sciences Cloud Computing market witnesses high competitive intensity as there are several big and many small firms with similar product offerings.
Cloud computing service providers must make clients aware of efforts they make to boost data security; for instance, getting certified, said Frost & Sullivan ICT Industry Analyst Guilherme Campos.
The term cloud computing describes a type of parallel and distributed system consisting of a collection of inter-connected and virtualized computers that are dynamically provisioned and presented as one or more unified computing resource(s) based on service-level agreements established through negotiations between the service provider and consumers (Buyya et al, 2009).
The report finds that significant cost reduction motivates Chinese customers towards adopting cloud computing services.
IT professionals are using cloud computing and just don't know it personally.
On the future of cloud computing in Oman, Todd said, "Competitors are moving in the direction and potential players are investing billions in the solution offerings.
Cloud computing allows customers to increase and decrease the number of users that have access to services, exponentially.
Several large companies have moved into the cloud computing space, including Amazon.
Cloud Computing is recognized to be one of the most transformational trends worldwide and Etisalat is leading this trend in the UAE, with many innovative applications planned to be launched on the Cloud Computing platform.
If you are using Gmail, Google Docs, Office Live or many other Web-based applications, you are already using cloud computing.
The incorporation of cloud computing into business operations is gaining momentum as a cost-effective way for organizations to utilize scalable applications and environments without the investment or commitment of installing in-house software programs.
Dubai: Cloud computing will gain importance in the years to come as the demand for virtualisation gains importance, an IDC analyst said.