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The use of adaptive cluster sampling for hydroacoustic surveys.
Spatial inferences of adaptive cluster sampling on Gulf of Alaska rockfish.
Good estimates of ICC values offer insights into bullying behaviour in schools and are vital for planning group-randomised trials or studies using cluster sampling (Donner & Klar, 2004; Murray et al.
When a sample frame is unavailable, cluster sampling may be the only alternative.
Therefore, in order to be able to compare the results of this assessment with previous surveys conducted on a six-monthly basis, the same two-stage cluster sampling methodology was adopted.
For single stage cluster sampling, the sample size required is given by [n.
Thompson (1990) introduced a sampling design called adaptive cluster sampling (ACS) to survey these types of distributions.
Results of the third nationwide cluster sampling survey on the epidemiologic status of schistosomiasis provide a comprehensive update on the current extent and distribution of human S.
The effective sample size for cluster sampling can be defined and calculated as follows (Pennington and Volstad, 1994; Folmer and Pennington, 2000).
The reliability of the household survey data could be improved by following classic cluster sampling methods (15,16).

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