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Because of the large sample size and systemic cluster sampling, our study population is representative of pregnant women giving birth in Beijing hospitals.
tested (% [95% CI]) General population February-March 2014 Society Islands 18/49 (37 [26-47]) Tuamotu Islands 22/49 (45 [38-52]) Marquesas Islands 28/49 (57 [47-68]) Austral-Gam bier Islands 29/49 (59 [39-80]) Total 97/196 (49 [42-57]) September-November 2015 Society Islands 154/700 (22 [16-28]) Schoolchildren May-June 2014 Society Islands 312/476 (66 [60-71]) * Cls were calculated taking into account the cluster sampling design (9) and using the Fisher exact test.
Systematic adaptive cluster sampling for the assessment of rare tree species in Nepal.
The bottom right panel shows one cluster around the area of lower probability, which would not be possible without both smart smoothing and adaptive cluster sampling.
Design effect' is the factor taken for adjusting for heterogeneity of the population in cluster sampling and to adjust the difference in precision between a simple random sample and a cluster sample was taken as 2.
Using the CASPER cluster sampling methodology, a representative sample of 210 households in Burleigh County was selected to be interviewed.
A total of 480 Malaysian secondary school Form Four students sample was selected using Multistage Stratified Cluster Sampling.
One example is adaptive cluster sampling (ACS; Thompson, 1990; Thompson and Seber, 1996), which has been explored both in the field (e.
Among them are simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, systematic sampling cluster sampling, two-stage cluster sampling, and estimating the population size.
Firstly, cluster sampling designs, where schools are selected in the first stage of sampling and individuals in the second, are often used in studies of young people, as schools facilitate access to the target population and survey administration (Carlin & Hocking, 1999; Heeringa, West & Berglund, 2010).

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