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Christian says he plans to come to the UK and would like to meet up with Sarah and find out more of the story behind Lt Cmdr Tholens, although he feels the journey may be too much for his aunt Maria, 88.
Cmdr Rickard also remembered that his friend's large family was also organised along military lines: "We were all amused to note he had set up duty rosters for washing up, drying up, putting away the dishes etc.
With the Hurricane well and truly out of action, Lt Cmdr Simms was able to plead with the First Sea Lord, Sir Dudley Pound, to keep his crew together.
To get on a boat is very selective, you have to have an above average intelligence," said Cmdr.
Lt Cmdr Reginald Horner, chairman of the unit management committee said the proposals would mean they could get a new building and stay in the same area.
The submarine, which was dry-docked for about six weeks after the accident, returned to sea in early April with Cmdr.
By coincidence the space station was on an orbit that took it over North Wales on St David's Day - allowing Cmdr Hadfield to take this incredible picture of Anglesey, which was then tweeted.
Cmdr West, who is single and lives in Middlesex, has also captained four minehunters.
The defendant turned round to the control room and Lt Cmdr Molyneux heard the shots and went to investigate.
Flight Lieutenant Will Close-Ash, 34, who knew Wg Cmdr Knowles for 10 years, said: "He was very unassuming.
Officers from HMS Forward, Lt Cmdr Rob Jaffier and Lt Cmdr Tim Dickens, joined the Commodore and new Naval instructors to inspect the new cadets, aged 14 to 16.
In the Navy, many of the sailors live in self-contained neighborhoods, but Cmdr.