CO-ADMINISTRATOR. One of several administrators. In general, they have, like executors, the power to act singly to the personal estate of the intestate. Vide Administrator.

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Co-administrator and interim team principal Finbarr O'Connell hopes an investor will now come forward to take the team on into 2015 and beyond.
As the co-administrator of her son's estate, the 66-year-old is also demanding that Entertainment One turn over master recordings of all of her son's unreleased music, TMZ reports.
The [Kentucky] department of insurance, our regulatory body, requires that we wait three years to pay the dividend," said Karl T Ladegast, the fund's co-administrator and director of underwriting.
Co-administrator Paul Clark said they believed it to be held lawyer's account related to Rangers' parent company.
It's still cold out there," said Sally D'Arcangelo, co-administrator of the Community Fund.
A statement on behalf of joint administrator Harvey Madden of Yarm-based Rowlands accounts last night read: "I was appointed as joint administrator of Darlington Football Club (2009) Ltd, together with my co-administrator, Peter Gray, earlier today by the directors of the club.
We appreciate the support of the MDTF and assure the Secretariat of our complete cooperation, said Abdul Wajid Rana, MDTF Co-Administrator and Secretary Economic Affairs Division, who chaired the meeting.
filed motions to abate the suit due to the nonjoinder of Shirley Addison as co-administrator, asserting that "[a] single administrator of an estate that has two co-administrators has no right, standing, or authority to file an action at law without the other co-administrator joining in the case.
Co-administrator hiring process, recruitment and training, policy-making assistance, compensation levels for independent contractors, facilities planning.
Co-administrator Geoff Bouchier of MCR said: "All stores are to enter into a sale campaign while we continue to seek a purchaser for the companies businesses.
Co-administrator at Building Level, Secondary: Mike Kuhlman, assistant principal, Canyon