CO-ADMINISTRATOR. One of several administrators. In general, they have, like executors, the power to act singly to the personal estate of the intestate. Vide Administrator.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One of the nephews was appointed as a co-administrator.
In her ruling on October 11 last year, Justice Thripsisa Cherere revoked the administrative letters that placed Prof Nyong'o and Dr Nyagoy as the sole controllers of the estate and appointed one of the nephews, Mr Kenneth Okuthe, as a co-administrator of his grandfather's estate valued at more than Sh200 million.
Pingree Grove Community Network Page administrator, Adam Hagg, stated that co-administrator Adam Hogan, pinned the notice to the top of the page to attract more immediate attention and that it did.
Facebook officials on a call with reporters said one known account from Russia's Internet Research Agency was a co-administrator of one of the fake pages for seven minutes, but the company did not believe that was enough evidence to attribute the campaign to the Russian government.
She is the Chief Editor and Writer for Morocco Pens and a Co-administrator for the Arabian Online Press.
During a phone interview, Paredones and Akilah Powell, 23, an African-American student at the University of Oregon who is co-administrator of the Facebook page, said they do not plan to attend the 7 p.m.
John Branca is the co-administrator of Jackson's estate.
Co-administrator and interim team principal Finbarr O'Connell hopes an investor will now come forward to take the team on into 2015 and beyond.
"The [Kentucky] department of insurance, our regulatory body, requires that we wait three years to pay the dividend," said Karl T Ladegast, the fund's co-administrator and director of underwriting.
Co-administrator Paul Clark said they believed it to be held lawyer's account related to Rangers' parent company.