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CO-DEFENDANT. One who is made defendant in an action with another person.

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The 26-year-old co-defendant was sentenced to 37 years in jail in connection with terrorism-related charges, including 25 years behind bars for detonating a bomb which injured policemen.
The police captain is accused of rape and staging a fake marriage, while his co-defendant is accused of aiding and abetting.
Prosecutors used the second day in a child-sex and murder trial yesterday to paint a gruesome picture of crimes they claim Marc Dutroux and his co-defendants committed against six young girls in the 1990s.
He was detained after his co-defendant told police that he provided her with the drugs, a detective earlier told the court.
The 19-year-old disagreed with his co-defendant and told prosecutors that all three had planned out the crime beforehand.
Redha Al Ghasra, 26, and a co-defendant were both jailed for five years by the High Criminal Court for possessing firearms during an illegal gathering in Bani Jamra.
His 25-year-old co-defendant is charged with selling hashish and possessing prescription pills, while the 30-year-old is accused of possessing prescription pills.