CO-HEIR. One of several men among whom an inheritance is to be divided.

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He had now seen the full deformity of that creature that shared with him some of the phenomena of consciousness, and was co-heir with him to death: and beyond these links of community, which in themselves made the most poignant part of his distress, he thought of Hyde, for all his energy of life, as of something not only hellish but inorganic.
His second wife was Annabella, sister and co-heir of Watkins Williams esq of Penbedw, who was MP for Montgomeryshire.
Furthermore, the book delves into the specifics of what the believer has "inherited" as a result of this transaction, and as a co-heir with Christ.
The businessman, who is also Baron Strange of Knockin, Baron Hungerford, Baron de Moleyns and a co-heir to the barony of Grey de Ruthyn, has been forced to take time off his beloved polo to prevent Barclays Bank getting its hands on his pounds 3.
Co-heir to the fundamentalist empire in Lynchburg, Va.
I am to be buried with Christ and to rise again with him, to become a co-heir with him, a son of God, and indeed God himself.
Thus, article 1156 align (3) of the New Civil Code admits the possibility of the other heirs to obtain the rejection of the partition action requested by the personal creditor of one of the debtor co-heirs, by paying the debt in the name of the debtor heir.
We can revel in the mystery revealed by the Ephesians author: that we are co-heirs, members of the same body and co-partners in the promise in Christ Jesus through the Gospel.
On 15 October 1409, Bernardo, Cilia and Giovanni's only son, repudiated the estate, leaving his four sisters and one daughter as co-heirs.
She also denied making a will in which Ahmed's children were named as her co-heirs.
And given that there were multiple female heirs, daughters, and co-heirs, then 42 per cent should have been females.
Rome: The Throne of Destiny The battle begins when Tiberius and Agrippa became co-heirs in Rome after the death of Augustus Caesar.