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The agreement will help facilitate co-operation between the railways of the two countries at various levels.
MoU relating to Upstream and LNG co-operation between NOGA Holding and Petronas, signed by Oil Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and Petronas chief executive YBhg Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin.
Speaking on state radio yesterday morning, energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis indicated that the tripartite co-operation did not only have grand designs.
The visit will constitute an important milestone in the course of enhanced UAE-EU co-operation and partnership under the common and sincere desire to take these ties to new heights," Al Mansouri said.
They also stressed the importance of building new partnerships that strengthen Bahraini-Thai economic co-operation, and support efforts of private sectors and businessmen in both countries to launch joint projects, especially in service, industrial, production and trade sectors.
Co-operation agreement in mutual administrative assistance to prevent customs offences,
Historically, humans have only survived by binding together in close-knit groups - yet modern society depends on the co-operation of strangers.
Arab-Turkish co-operation is especially necessary in the industrial and economic sectors," he explains, adding that the conference will also tackle the expansion of power projects between Turkey and some Arab countries.
Clinton, in highlighting the successful co-operation between the two countries, noted that: "When I came here in 1994, Estonia just began building democratic and economic institutions, and when I came back only ten years later, the country was already a proud member of the NATO Alliance and the European Union.
Mr Brown said he wanted greater co-operation in winning the battle of "hearts and minds" and also more concrete measures including financial co-operation from emerging countries such as India to block off funds for terror groups.
The Mission operationelle transfrontaliere (MOT--literally, 'cross-border operational mission') was established in 1997 by the French Government in response to a growing awareness of the issues surrounding cross-border co-operation.
6 million to 19 education and training co-operation projects with the United States and Canada.