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Other areas of co-operation include logistics, conference and exhibition services, technology and innovation, facilitation of cross-boundary clearance, intellectual property, food safety, contingency management, youth exchange, and education.
It also seeks to develop programmes set up as part of Arab-Arab co-operation, improve their management and enrich thinking on ways to take up challenges faced by the Arab world.
He explained that it is an occasion to boost co-operation between the two countries in matters of fight against terrorism, and against illegal emigration.
He stressed the importance of enhancing co-operation among the legislative bodies in Islamic countries to boost rapprochement and open up new horizons of co-operation that will benefit all.
It in addition incorporated executive programme of the co-operation protocol in matters of employment and industrial relations for 2014/2016, executive programme of co-operation in the sector of culture for 2014-2015, executive programme of co-operation in education, memorandum of understanding in matters of attracting tourists, and annex amending and completing the security co-operation agreement signed on September 29, 2004.
These agreements were reached during the meeting, held on Monday in Tunis, between Development and International Co-operation Minister Mohamed Nouri Jouini and Portuguese Economy, Innovation and Development Minister Vilira Da Silva, who is on a visit in Tunisia as part of the Tunisian-Portuguese Economic Forum and the two countries' Second High-Level Meeting.
Dr Shaikh Mohammed expressed his delight at taking part in the meeting devoted to discussing several military topics and advanced steps in promoting military co-operation so as to be able to face challenges facing the GCC and highlighting the importance of military co-operation and co-ordination in unifying efforts to support the region's security and stability.
The memorandum offers a framework for areas of co-operation, comprising accelerated investments into LNG exploration and development; industrial co-operation of related industries via business matching opportunities; timely and effective infrastructure construction and environmental assessment processes; and information sharing on energy policies and technologies.
The Second Annual Caribbean Regional Compliance Conference kicked off today in the Cayman Islands bringing together a number of noted international experts discussing current issues and trends in anti money-laundering prevention, crime enforcement and international co-operation.
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa emphasised to MPs his keenness to maximum this co-operation and support all regulations and legislation that unite people, increase national accomplishments and benefit everyone who works for the sake of the homeland and the welfare of its citizens.