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When equation (9) is integrated twice along the axial co-ordinate z under boundary conditions:
Besides model co-ordinates, sub model components of the load temperature dependency and stochasticity, y(t), [zeta](t), [xi](t) and [pi](t), may be observed as typical.
A team sitting at semi- circular computer stations has been assigned to co-ordinate the security operation in each sector.
The Federation co-ordinates the Movement's international assistance to victims of disasters, refugees and in health emergencies.
Co-ordinates offers two major points of difference -- high quality paper and 13 distinctive eye catching designs to cater for a wide range of target audiences and occasions throughout the year.
Eloui, who co-ordinates with EGPC Vice Chairman for Exploration & Discoveries Mohammed Sami Shaheen; the Under-secretary for Financial & Economic Affairs, Mr.
Precise latitude/longitude co-ordinates of over 8,000 ports and shipping places from around the world
To win a Battleship cash prize, you must mark off every panel in a prize picture panel on your gamecard, using the co-ordinates published in the Daily Mirror with the correct Daily Mirror gamecard.
For a Dig For Treasure Cash gamecard and co-ordinates send an SAE to The Mirror Treasure Cash Wallet Request, PO Box 40, Blackburn, BB1 6AJ or call the Claimline on 0844 561 0059.
As well as supervising the office, organising paperwork, personnel issues and accounts administration, Nicola also arranges meetings, travel and co-ordinates office-based assistance for the company's current four sites at the Willows in Bedlington, Highfield in Rennington, near Alnwick, Bowesfield near Stockton and Kinross in Scotland.