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The Co-ordination Committee also suggested that federal as well as all other provincial governments make it compulsory for motorcyclists across the country to wear helmets for their safety.
This revamp is aimed at saving money, but in my opinion it can't be proved to be safe as you'll be losing local knowledge with the co-ordination centres now so widely strung out.
A massive vote of thanks goes to the units and nations who supported the search and rescue operation, however, it was the Yemeni Rescue Co-ordination Centre who really stepped up to the plate on this one, arranging for local civilian craft to assist in the search, without whom the operation could have resulted in tragedy.
The pounds 10m Strategic Co-ordination Centres (SCC) are based in Colwyn Bay, Cardiff and Carmarthen and will manage the response to civil emergencies.
Ziggurat's 3D modeling and co-ordination service reduces the length of the design and coordination process for this renovation by highlighting all design dashes in the model throughout the project.
SMP co-ordination and development team leader Rachel Beard said: "At the SMP we believe in leading by example and have ensured that members of the support team have completed this valuable training.
He said: "What we need now is greater co-ordination and more short-term measures to build on the strides that have been made.
A co-ordination meeting on mitigation strategies for natural disasters in southern Kyrgyzstan, supported by the OSCE's Centre's field office, was held in Osh yesterday.
The IOC co-ordination commission arrives in London tonight ahead of a twoday inspection but the issue of the final venue remains undecided.
Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said that the meeting in Moscow should improve co-ordination of global efforts to combat "terrorism" and drug-trafficking in Afghanistan.
KICK-BOXING classes are boosting children's fitness, balance and co-ordination.
Birmingham based Faithful+Gould has become one of only four firms accredited by the Association for Project Safety (APS) as a training provider of its management of CDM co-ordination course.