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CO-PLAINTIFF. One who is plaintiff in an action with another.

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Thomas Walther, who represents many co-plaintiffs, said he and his clients were happy Groening agreed to testify, but suspected he was withholding many details.
The court held that the involvement of the ministry as a co-plaintiff would amount to gender discrimination as per Article 10 of the Constitution (concerning equality).
At Monday's hearing, CE-neyt Toraman, lawyer for seven of the co-plaintiffs, read a letter he had written on behalf of his clients.
28, 1997 coup trial, refused to answer questions posed by the lawyers for the co-plaintiffs in the 26th hearing of the trial held at the Ankara 13th High Criminal Court on Wednesday.
Senih Euzay, a lawyer for the co-plaintiffs, accused the General Staff of purposefully withholding information from the court.
The indictment lists Euzal's widow and son as co-plaintiffs.
The company blamed "miscommunication and consequent misunderstandings" for the listing of Advocat as a co-plaintiff.
In January, the Supreme Court of Appeals, which examined the case only on procedural grounds, ruled that the ystanbul 21st High Criminal Court was wrong to reject requests from Okey's family's lawyers that they be co-plaintiffs in the trial.
Families of the coup's victims which have co-plaintiff status in the trial were also at the Ankara Courthouse on Wednesday, including a person holding the photo of the late Berfo Kyrbayyr, whose son, Cemil Kyrbayyr, disappeared under custody after the coup.
Our client, Gavin Heywood, is 26 years old," says Jeffrey Wolf, co-plaintiff attorney for Heywood and partner at Pocrass, Heimanson & Wolf.
The crackdown in Skid Row will continue to get the city in trouble, said Carol Sobel, a civil rights lawyer who represents the National Lawyers Guild, co-plaintiff in the Skid Row lawsuit.
Rosen's co-plaintiff, Ethel Blaine Millet, was an army nurse during the war who was captured in 1942 and forced to work in Japanese POW camps, the newspaper said.