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CO-PLAINTIFF. One who is plaintiff in an action with another.

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Canada, Israel and elsewhere who have joined the trial as co-plaintiffs as allowed under German law.
and its co-plaintiffs pointed to section 3401 (d)(1), which defines "employer" as the person for whom an employee performs services, except in cases where that person does not also have control of the payment of wages.
The company blamed "miscommunication and consequent misunderstandings" for the listing of Advocat as a co-plaintiff.
Rosen's co-plaintiff, Ethel Blaine Millet, was an army nurse during the war who was captured in 1942 and forced to work in Japanese POW camps, the newspaper said.
She said Public Citizen, which was co-plaintiff with Greenpeace on a similar, successful case in Jefferson County, Ky.
Authorities are unsure whether Darryl Watts fell or jumped into the water, but according to Darryl's brother, and co-plaintiff in the case, there is "a good probability" it was suicide.
FreedomWorks, a conservative and libertarian advocacy group, is listed as a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit.
A co-plaintiff in the case against Demjanjuk, who is charged with helping to murder 27,900 Jews in 1943, Blatt was giving testimony for the first time.
In that complaint Star named its CEO Viraf Kapadia as a co-plaintiff, and unilaterally named Hliary Vieira an involuntary plaintiff, AMA said.
T, his dead dog, as a co-plaintiff in the action, which seeks $50,000 in damages and reimbursement from W.
Dosanjh and his co-plaintiff, Don Groves, have been ordered to pay both sides' costs but given 28 days to lodge an appeal.
Helms' co-plaintiff, Marie Schneider, agreed that the high court is missing the larger issue.