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F) Mission critical agency requirement circumstances in which a critical agency priority or project will incur delay or degradation without the intervention of a contractor and that intervention urgently requires other than coach class ticketing.
First-class travel shall not be authorized unless coach class or business class is not reasonably available," says the directive in question.
The airline is providing its Hawaii Starts Here in-flight service featuring a choice of complimentary hot meals in coach class and a tasting menu for first class passengers.
Delta says no fare will be higher than $499 one-way in coach class, or $599 one-way in first class.
Adding to the overcrowding are the increasing number of seats put into coach class by most airlines, often so that they can expand their first-class and business-class cabins.
The sale fares are off-peak, each way in coach class at www.
30, when it will be replaced by another locomotive, and visitors can choose from five classes of service ranging from coach class to Coconino Dome class.
Continental's Executive Chef Siegfried Lang said that in addition to the new first-class menus, Continental is still the only major airline to continue to serve complimentary meals in coach class.