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1 percent greater coactivity in the knee extensors/flexors than the younger subjects.
EMG and muscle coactivity showed no significant differences between the two groups during this phase.
Braatz argued that coactivity "was ephemeral and lacked intimacy" in Pai "regional bands" [our bands].
Like in the large state, coactivity is largely informal and spontaneous, but the regional category lacks formalized structures that might bind members together.
Was member coactivity intimate and enduring like in the local band, or were ties somehow thinner and interaction looser?
Since 2011, after the reorganisation of the academic journal Coactivity, it has been renamed to Coactivity: Philology, Educology.
Other researchers have found that increased muscle coactivity (Kim & Marras, 1987; Marras & Mirka, 1992, 1993) and spinal loads (Granata & Marras, 1995a, 1995b; Marras & Granata, 1997b; Marras & Sommerich, 1991b) are associated with increased sagittal trunk velocity.
Key features Work in three phases (given coactivity with other sites) - Phase 1 (2 x 12 m) : - Phase 2 (150 m) : - Phase 3 (54 m).
These elements relate in particular to the prevention of risks from the coactivity stakeholders during the construction phase, as well as assistance in the definition of security measures that will be needed after the delivery of the work, during its operation.
The perception of tissue loading or muscle coactivity may be triggering participants' response in determining MAWL.