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COADJUTOR, eccl. law. A fellow helper or assistant; particularly applied to the assistant of a bishop.

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8) The coadjutor bishop with right of succession was guaranteed to succeed to his nominated see unless he predeceased the incumbent.
It has been a great privilege for me, as Coadjutor Bishop of Leeds, to assist Bishop David Konstant with his workload these last 18 months.
His deputy, Coadjutor Bishop Joseph Zen, an outspoken voice on human rights issues, will assume leadership of the 347,000-strong Catholic community.
He was appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Menevia in October 1980, and succeeded to the bishopric in February 1981.
In an interview shortly after his appointment, Arizmendi pledged to continue the work begun by his predecessors Ruiz and Coadjutor Bishop Raul Vera.
Last November, Ruiz and his coadjutor bishop, Raul Vera, were ambushed by paramilitary gunmen.
Ordained as deacon and priest in 1981, Cutler became the diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island's suffragan bishop in 2008, coadjutor bishop in 2013 and diocesan bishop in 2014.
In December 1987, Pope John Paul II appointed him as Coadjutor Bishop of Isabela, Basilan.
Vietnam's communist regime jailed Nguyen Van Thuan in 1975 when he was the newly named coadjutor bishop of Saigon.
On June 24, 2007, Benedict XVI named Father Murray Chatlain, 44, as coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Forth Smith, N.
There are several possible decisions which could be announced today, including restoring the archbishop's full powers or appointing a coadjutor bishop to serve alongside him for the remainder of the term.
Vera had been named coadjutor bishop in the Chiapas diocese in 1995 to assist Ruiz.