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Despite the inherent difficulty to provide a clear cut approach and validity to the use of magnesium supplementation as a therapeutic tool, it is apparent from our reviewing of the mentioned pathologies that magnesium supplementation does have a role as a coadjuvant of more established pharmacological tools currently utilized in the various fields.
Taken together, our results argue that the use of LC as a coadjuvant in therapeutic treatments is very promising, although extensive studies focused on the determination of the effective LC dose and route of administration in humans should be undertaken.
Survival after infection has been improved by techniques that optimize predisposing comorbidities, as well as by the initiation of coadjuvant therapies with immunomodulatory treatments that include the use of statins, granulocyte transfusion, and cytokines in order to set the balance between successful eradication of the invading pathogen and limitation of the damage to the affected tissue [4].
Curcumin has been used for the coadjuvant treatment of a large diversity of diseases, including hepatic disorders, respiratory conditions, and inflammation and also obesity, diabetes, rheumatism, and even certain tumors.
A bentonite- and silicon dioxide-based coadjuvant (Pentagel[R], Diepoldsau, Switzerland; 0.1 Og [L.sup.-1]) and an ammonium sulfate- and thiamine-based fermentation activator (Thiazote, Laffort[R], Bordeaux, France; 0.10g [L.sup.-1]) were subsequently added.
CONCLUSION Napthtophyrones absorb light in the visible region which can be a useful characteristic for a coadjuvant compound in therapies like PDT.
Gomez, Controlled Atmosphere as Coadjuvant to Chilled Storage for Prevention of Melanosis in Shrimps (Parapenaeus longirostris), doi: 10.1007/s00217-004-1015-1, Eur.
PRP types, either Lc-PRP or Lr-PRP, are currently used (amongotheruses)forthe treatment of several musculoskeletal injuries and as a surgical coadjuvant in both human [4] and veterinary [5] medicine.
Doxyxycline in a subantimicrobial dose is able to inhibit the activity of MMPs and thus reduce the degradation of collagen, fibronectin, and elastin in the periodontal tissues [71], and its clinical use in the modulation of the immunoinflammatory host response as coadjuvant to periodontal conventional therapy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration since 1998.
Chemotherapy was then continued until completing 25 weeks and coadjuvant radiotherapy was administrated after the completion of chemotherapy.
They are employed with success: in class V noncervical lesions restorations of permanent teeth, in class I and II occlusal restorations of posterior primary and permanent teeth, as enamel and protective coatings like pit and fissure sealants, and as a coadjuvant root restorative material in the treatment of gingival recession [3, 6,14-18].
observed that resveratrol can inhibit tyrosinase but it does not sufficiently suppress melanin production to justify its use as a lone skin-whitening agent in pharmaceutical formulations, but warrants attention as a coadjuvant for treating hyperpigmentation.