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In Medline research including 62 publications, seven of 226 babies with congenital coagulation defect were found to have fibrinogen deficiency.
Most clinical laboratories are capable of performing the first line of screening tests to determine whether there is a coagulation defect and to roughly classify its type.
The report "Neonatal Encephalopathy and Cerebral Palsy: Defining the Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology" gives evidence that most neonatal encephalopathy (NE) and cerebral palsy (CP) cases originate from developmental or metabolic abnormalities, autoimmune and coagulation defects, infection, trauma, or combinations of these factors.
fetus papyraceus, feto-fetal transfusion, vascular coagulation defects, amniotic membrane adherence, abnormal elastic fiber biomechanical forces and trauma are implicated.