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Most clinical laboratories are capable of performing the first line of screening tests to determine whether there is a coagulation defect and to roughly classify its type.
Reversal of coagulation defects is achieved through administration of anticoagulant agents and replacement of blood factors.
End use Lytic state monitoring Drug response Factor assays Patient screening Clotting time Indirect measures Anticoagulant response Clotting factor assays Coagulation defects LOT Direct measures Fibrinolytic response Fibrinolytic factor assays Fibrinolytic defects
aHUS is a genetic, rare and life-threatening disease clinically characterized by anemia, coagulation defects, and organ dysfunction, most often in the form of kidney disease.
Both of our patients had hypopigmentation of the skin with patchy grey hairs, mild coagulation defects identified via the presence of petechial rashes on the skin, and a history of recurrent infections since birth.