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The results of this study showed that not only the electromagnetic waves has caused coagulative necrosis, cytoplasmic vaculation, congestion of blood vessels, cell atrophy, cell loss and increased distances between the cells, but also histopathological studies showed that electromagnetic waves can cause significant changes on heart tissue (P<0.
have been isolated from different organs without associated pathologic changes other than coagulative necrosis of the spleen (6) and a testicular abscess (9).
Usually, coagulative necrosis of the brain is liquefactive as in infarcts and it can be associated or not to hemorrhage.
The last three patients in the series--who received the highest concentrated dose of ultrasound waves--showed complete coagulative necrosis in 75% of the targeted area.
Hwang concluded that using China Medical HIFU therapy system to treat pancreas is feasible and safe, and lesion formation of coagulative necrosis and apoptosis can be observed following proper treatment protocol.
Coagulative necrosis is the defining feature of all forms of ION.
The most severe and consistent microscopic lesion in mallards was myocardial degeneration and coagulative necrosis consistent with acute heart failure.
It utilizes precisely focused ultrasound waves to generate and maintain high temperatures within the targeted tissue thus inducing protein denaturation and coagulative necrosis.
In addition to these, the extravasation of blood from blood vessel, coagulative necrosis of first and second proximal segments and irregular blood congestion, and tubular necrosis were also observed in E-3 group.
Adjacent brain tissue showed areas of coagulative necrosis, thrombosis, and fresh haemorrhage.
5,6] Previous reports on the histopathological findings after HIFU have noted coagulative necrosis with sharply defined margins[sup.
Microscopically, mucosal necrosis ranged from erosion covered with fibrin exudate (14/63) to full-thickness coagulative necrosis of the mucosa (49/63).