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COAST. The margin of a country bounded by the sea. This term includes the natural appendages of the territory which rise out of the water, although they are not of sufficient firmness to be inhabited or fortified. Shoals perpetually covered with water are not, however, comprehended under the name of coast. The small islands, situate at the mouth of the Mississippi, composed of earth and trees drifted down by the river, which are not of consistency enough to support the purposes of life, and are uninhabited, though resorted to for shooting birds, were held to form a part of the coast. 5 Rob. Adm. R. 385. (c).

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Late Holocene lake level changes and predominant wind directions can be recognized in the geomorphic distribution of coastal features and deposits throughout the upper Great Lakes, and these geomorphic signatures can be used as valuable reconnaissance tools.
Abu Dhabi is blessed with a wide variety of natural coastal features that support its unique wildlife all of these habitats are valuable and should be protected.
Those two attractions, as well as other skyscrapers, major maritime projects and coastal features, will be captured in the frame of view when the Dubai Frame is complete.
For more than 50 years the North and South Bootle Landmarks were well-known coastal features.

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