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Established plants can tolerate full sun in the coastal fog belt; give them light to open shade elsewhere.
While much of the nation wilts under high temperatures, a low-pressure weather system has been parked off the North Coast of California, pumping moderating air and coastal fog into the hills and valleys of Sonoma County throughout June and July.
The combination of thick coastal fog and the alternating colors of the Umpqua Lighthouse added drama to veteran photographer Wayne Eastburn's nighttime photograph.
With its coastal fog and mild climate, Watsonville is the perfect place to grow berry crops, says Vince Gizdich, a third-generation fruit farmer at the Gizdich Ranch.
The slow-moving system, which hit the US southern Plains earlier in the week, brought high wind, at least one tornado, lightning, thick coastal fog and snow as well as ice and rain.
I won't try to explain why Point Mugu holds its show in the spring, when coastal fog is the rule, while Edwards Air Force Base out in the desert holds its show in September, when it's hot enough to turn suntan lotion into cooking oil and bake small children into cranky time bombs of temper tantrums.
In Pachacamac, on the outskirts of Lima, a coastal fog known as "garua" blots out the sun for much of the year.
Heavy coastal fog and low clouds have shrouded the region for most of the summer, pushing the annual grape harvest back about three to four weeks.
He added: "Outbreaks of rain or drizzle will persist during Saturday in the same areas, with widespread hill and coastal fog there also.

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