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Proximal thoracic Cobb angle is 25 degrees, lower end vertebrae (LEV) is at T5, upper end vertebrae (UEV) is at T2, and the apex is at T4.
Each participant measured the Cobb Angle on a frontal thoracic, lumbar or full spine radiograph.
The results at the end of the growth phase are a stable Cobb angle with up to 50% curve reduction and improved trunk, lower spine, and pelvic alignments [6].
Of the 10 patients treated with VEPTR, an average pre-operative Cobb angle of 90[degrees] was reported, and a mean correction of 33.
Specialists discovered a severe curvature of Megan's spine which had a Cobb angle of 55 degrees - her X-ray images showed the severity of the arc.
According to summary data of different authors the average value of correction of scoliosis arch, after application of bilateral tool systems CDI and TSRH, fluctuates near average value of 55% at average value of Cobb angle 52-61 before operation and 20 -34 (Guidera et al.
The Cobb method has been used since 1948 to measure the magnitude of the angle on the PA erect image (9,10,21,24,29) The Cobb angle is found by first locating the endplates of the most angulated inferior and superior vertebrae of the curve.