code of honor

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So, order of finishing was Country House, Code of Honor, Tacitus, Improbable, Game Winner, Master Fencer, War of Will, Plus Que Parfait, and, Win Win Win.
The possession of a sword symbolizes the code of honor. On the other hand, a gun is a symbol of modernization.
Amid frequent reports of scalawag policemen being accused of extortion by arrested suspects, a member of the Makati City police held fast to his code of honor when he refused a P50,000 bribe.
Give this book to fans of I am Princess X (Scholastic, 2016) and Code of Honor (Scholastic, 2015/VOYA August 2015) and to readers who like contemporary settings and issues.--Suzanne Libra.
Kusrat Rasul Ali stressed his support for the electoral code of honor, stressing the need to make efforts to hold the elections in an atmosphere of democracy and freedom, and that all parties respect the results of these elections./ End
Speaking at the launch of a "Local leadership code of honor" at the Grand Serail, Hariri asked his audience: "What does the kid playing in the street have to do with a stray bullet?
From a May 2014 symposium in Koblenz, Germany, 17 essays examine military ethics from such perspectives as ethics and the changing character of war, an empirical review of moral judgement in war and peacekeeping operations, explaining military ethics to young people: role and teaching methods of youth information officers, the legitimacy of military deployments especially in asymmetric conflicts, and attitudes of military academy cadets on code of honor of the Serbian Army.
"Our sense of entrepreneurial pride swells each year, as we recognize how successful businesses can become by keeping the Aggie Code of Honor at the heart of everything they do."
It seemed an announcement of both a moral principle and a principle of prudence--but above all, a principle of honor, an American variant of what we came to call the Hungarian Code of Honor.
Being bonded together by a code of honor, in particular the code of silence (or omerta), safeguards the Mafia from outside intrusion and law enforcement action.
The Balding stable's Group 3 winner Highland Knight was retired after finishing last of three behind Code Of Honor in the 1m1f conditions race at Newbury on Friday.
They also called the government and media institutions to agree on a media code of honor to live up the message the media to a high level of morals and maintain the media freedoms.