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He advocated justice and order and established a code of laws and a reformed coinage.
1207-1209 Genghis Khan organizes his forces and begins to devise a code of laws.
Of the 15 lawmakers from the New Komeito, which has recently decided to advocate constitutional amendments to have environmental and privacy rights included, 13 approved amending the code of laws. They include party chief Takenori Kanzaki.
The earliest mention of sanctuary in England was in a code of laws proclaimed by King Ethelbert in 600.
By placing Grisha up for adoption, the children's home had violated article 54 of the Uzbekistan Code of Laws on Marriage, the Family, and Guardianship (hereafter "KZoBSO"), which stated that a child could not be adopted without the consent of his parent(s) or guardian(s).
After describing the arrival of spring in Massachusetts, she admonished him to "Remember the Ladies" when writing the new code of laws. In his reply of April 14, 1776, he treated her "extraordinary Code of Laws" as his dear wife's little joke.
Justinian's reign is highlighted by the amount of building that took place in the Empire (Sant ' Apollinare in Classe and San Vitale, both in Ravenna, and Santa Sophia in Constantinople) and the code of laws he had published, the Corpus juris civilis, now called the Justinian Code.
With the CODE of Laws of Parliament, a comprehensive reference work is now available that contains all the parliamentary areas of law.

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