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The development of S1C33-based systems with Nancy Codec enables EPSON to achieve real-time video processing.
Our ARM-based codec solutions allow our licensees to save significant design and implementation cost while simultaneously providing the voice quality that end users have come to expect, especially in sensitive applications such as mobile phones.
MainConcept will focus its efforts on offering a wide range of codecs and SDKs for the most popular platforms, whereas Elecard Devices will be concentrating on the development of applications for digital video as well as software reference designs and hardware development kits for the IPTV and broadcast markets.
With high levels of integration, support features and output power, the CS42L52 gives system designers a highly optimized codec that's easy to design.
The optimized cost-performance audio codec IP enables high-fidelity audio quality with multiple analog interface capabilities, such as microphone, line-in/out, headphone and loudspeaker.
When you add in the excellent signal quality of the Winbond Codec, the CY4638 VoIP Demonstration Kit provides the groundwork for a winning VoIP headset.
COE's X-Net G3 (Third Generation) codec exceeds rail standards and offers significant performance improvements over the COE X-Class G2 codec, with a highly optimized MPEG -4 algorithm, Dual Streaming and advanced Video Analytics.
The new software, which utilizes the existing IDT HD Audio codecs, allows customers to easily provide simultaneous audio processing objects (APO) -- including third-party add-ons and proprietary functionality -- beyond the capabilities built into Vista itself.
264/AVC codec, to bring the same unique quality of its PC based software video codecs to the realtime DSP environment.
eVideo is Oki's video codec technology for video communication, recording and replaying over IP networks in high-speed and high-quality and with low latency.
264 codec implementation, MobiTV expects to have more efficient video delivery.