codified law

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Both systems today employ both case law and codified law. The difference remains in the extent of codification and the manner of use of codes and precedent.
According to the author, "phonetic writing or the alphabet created the conditions for codified law, monotheism, abstract science, deductive logic, the printing press, and the Industrial Revolution" (p.
The journal examines the transition of China's legal system from the influence of the Confucian philosophy of social control through moral education, as well as the legalist emphasis on codified law and criminal sanctions remain, to modern legal concepts and approaches, especially those areas that have ramifications internationally such as intellectual property, antitrust and international law and practice.
All public schools in South Dakota test students according to South Dakota Codified Law 13-3-55, which was adopted in January 1997 and amended in January 2003.
China is often thought of as a strong central government with harsh laws, but, in fact, the concept of codified law in many areas of China is quite new (Lubman, 1999).
Contradicting past interpretations of late imperial jurisprudence as a mechanical application of unchanging and moribund statutes, Sommer presents a meticulous reading of codified law and case records pertaining to illicit sex (jian) to demonstrate how legislators and judges of the seventeenth century onward actively used law in an attempt to mitigate the effects of social changes which, they felt, were threatening the moral and social order upon which the imperial edifice rested.
As we all know, it was on Mount Sinai that God delivered to Moses the first codified law, the primal law-the ten commandments.
As universal to all mankind, and not limited to a particular people, Christianity appears as apolitical, guided not by questions of a codified Law, as in Judaism or Islam, but by questions of the meaning of the faith it represents.
Most of the textbooks adaptations result from the very different legal systems in France (the Romano-German tradition, or codified law) and in the United States (common law).
Five years ago in the state of Washington, people who wanted access to the codified law of Washington could purchase one of two printed sources.
The bill's statement of objects and reasons states that the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench, while hearing the matter of the competence of an issueless widow from Fiq-i-Jafriya to claim her share of the inheritance of her deceased husband, held: 'It is expected that, the Government of Pakistan in Ministry of Law would take legislative measures to promulgate a codified law in this regard in order to protect the right of childless widow from Ahl-e-Tashish in getting their due shares from the inheritance of their deceased husbands.'
Known as "the Wise", Yaroslav codified law, but identified no principle of succession for his realm.