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Women in the highest quartile of cognitive ability also had slightly, but significantly, greater self-esteem scores than those in the lowest quartile (24.
Both the conceptual model and specific methods relating to the impact of lead on cognitive ability and the economic valuation of cognitive ability are largely based on previously published work of one of the authors (6).
By increasing brain magnesium through Magtein, cognitive ability goes up, fear memory remains unchanged".
They say that thicker cortices are likely to have more complex connections with consequences on cognitive ability.
This one-of-a-kind cognitive ability or Concept Space(TM) is created using patented methods of automatic learning and semantic analysis.
A large new study has found strong further evidence that statin drugs are associated with significant improvement in cognitive ability in the elderly.
How important was education, cognitive ability, and other factors in their path to wealth greatness?
In a related issue, the Ministry of Civil Service said it would open its registration portal on the website of the National Center for Assessment and Evaluation (Kiass) for those who will undergo the general cognitive ability test (1) from Thursday.
Lower levels of cognitive ability in old age can reduce an investor's ability to control emotional responses to a loss.
Subcomponents include cognitive ability, learning agility (ability to learn), and crystallized intelligence (wisdom).
According to researchers at Stirling University in the UK and University College Dublin, high cognitive ability in children strongly predicts leadership potential in adulthood.
It represents the first large-scale integrative study of cognitive ability on any wild population.

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