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In this study a model is constructed to investigate the cohabitation intention among young people based on the earlier findings in this field.
Cohabitation may be preferred by those whose possibilities to marry are limited for some reason.
First, cohabitation is selective of people, whose socioeconomic status is lower.
19) However for the older respondents in particular, even if information had been gathered for all cohabitations, estimation of the start and end dates of past cohabitations may have been seriously affected by recall error.
Due to the limited data on cohabitation, children could only be classified as having been born to: (1) a marriage; (2) a cohabitation that resulted in a marriage (pre-marital cohabitation); or, (3) outside of marriage.
Any period of cohabitation which can be identified as pre-marital is counted as part of the duration of the marriage concerned.
The difference in the relative stability of marriages and cohabitations also suggests there will be differences in intrahousehold specialization.
As we observe individuals from a very young age, we are able to construct a very comprehensive history of both marriages and cohabitations for every respondent.
This is likely due to the different, more enduring cohabitations observed in Denmark that do encourage some behavioral changes.
Less than 3% of the sample is missing marital information, but approximately a quarter of those men reporting cohabitations (11.
Years married once again proves to be the driving force behind the marital wage differential, but wage growth is actually slower, though not significantly so, during cohabitations.
The analysis of cohabitations supports the results of Winkler (1997) that not all cohabitations are the same; heterogeneity is a problem not entirely addressed in the fixed-effects model.