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Three large, prospective, longitudinal cohort studies have been published since the meta-analysis.
Furthermore, several new prospective cohort studies on this topic had been published recently, and the results of these new cohort studies are inconsistent too.
The British Birth Cohort studies differ from the British Household Panel Study and its successor, Understanding Society, which follow panels of people of a whole range of ages at their starting point.
Two controlled prospective cohort studies to verify these promising retrospective data have been started in colorectal and pancreatic cancer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The use of the BHPS allows the authors to consider (i) long-term returns to lifelong learning (ii) that do not suffer from the potential for simultaneity that arise when one estimates returns using cohort studies.
Then, four subsequent African cohort studies found no increased risk.
However, the data suggest a negative association in cohort studies, show no association for stroke caused by bleeding in the brain or for stroke-related deaths, and indicate no elevation in risk for ever-users.
The ACSR contains over 100,000 specimens collected from cohort studies, clinical trials, and other research sources (including international research).
Etminan and his associates searched the published literature since 1966 and identified six cohort studies and three case-control studies of NSAIDs and Alzheimer's disease, and five cohort studies and three case-control studies of aspirin and Alzheimer's disease.
The best studies of the alleged link are called historical cohort studies because they rely on complete medical records for entire populations of women, over decades.
Some cohort studies involve all types of people with HIV--young, old, male, female, etc.