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TELEPHILOSOPHIST a coined term for a would-be philosopher whose medium is television (tele- + philosophist), compare telephilosopher [Net].
Later, Fuller would use ideas of floating compression, as demonstrated by the sculpture, within the coined term "tensegrity.
For example, distributive learning is a rather recently coined term used in lieu of the more traditional descriptor >outreach or distance education.
The growing interaction between the two disciplines is reflected in the recently coined term "bio-informatics.
The coined term "emotile" emphasizes the authors' belief that emotion (a heightened concern for personal well-being) and motility (fast movement and rapid change) will be future society's dominant characteristics.
His uncertainty about whether the fifteenth century represented the beginning of the Renaissance is best illustrated by his efforts to reevaluate the works of the humanists (he is still unaware of the newly coined term "humanism") while at the same time refusing to recognize their role as promoters of the new era.
There is even a coined term for the fear of clowns called 'coulrophobia.
In response, Lilly argued that Trulicity was the only coined term on the specimen, appearing just before the generic name of the goods.
Some brand owners choose a name which is a coined term while others would prefer to implement a distinctive logo or associate their brand with a distinctive color.