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PTEROPTERIDOID a coined word meaning 'both winglike and fernlike' (ptero- + pteridoid).
"SNUver is neither a coined word nor does it have a specific meaning in the dictionary," said the KIPO.
DENINED when bowling, hitting only nine pins of ten on a given roll, especially when the tenth pin wavers around and wants to fall down but doesn't, a coined word. (www.anqelfirecom, The Ictionary)
Roborior is a coined word representing "robot" and "interior."
The word Risutoran, which combines the words "restructuring" and "restaurant" in a coined word in its appellation, is dedicated to the idea that one should not give in to the effects of restructuring.
While domestic or foreign travel is always something worth looking forward to, one option that is gradually gaining steam is a "staycation." A coined word which combines "stay" and "vacation," it basically means staying in the city but enjoying the creature comforts found in a hotel.
(The latter definition was independently discovered by Jeff Grant, who amusingly discussed it in the August 1987 Word Ways.) He criticizes the coined word BANANALIKE in the Webster's Second definition of STRELITZIA, concluding "if the lexicographers are free to coin words, so are we, for lexicographers are only human, and there are no special privileges reserved for them." He faults Webster's Second for not including KAMANJA when KEMENDJE, KEMENGEH and KEMANTCHE are identified as variant spellings.
FLOLF coined word for golf played with a flute instead of clubs ('Jam' magazine, Jun/Jul 1997)
When it comes to one's way of thinking and newly coined words, there are many comparisons with traditional thoughts.
The self-described "Galactic Poet" David Avidan, however, was hypnotized by the futureand in his work, he attempted to propel literary Hebrew forward, as he coined words, played with linguistic structures, and even conducted poetic dialogues with a computer.
Besides that, abundance of coined words has surfaced through online gaming and most of the words contribute to the culture and language of teenagers nowadays.
The last chapter looks at language in life--slogans, common usages, newly coined words, and so on.