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Cooper-Atkins complements Emerson's global cold chain business, which includes the ProAct Services portfolio for supermarkets and the cargo solutions business, which provides real-time perishable cargo tracking and monitoring services.
Shortage of adequate infrastructure, lack of trained personnel, outdated technology and inconsistent power supply are other major obstacles in growth of cold chain infrastructure in India," said Rawat.
We've seen many examples of private investment being used to solve new cold chain challenges without the help of any public monies or taxes," says Kemmsies.
The Cooltrax Business Intelligence platform allows for customized real-time and scheduled reporting on event-based conditions including geocode/fence activity, door opening activity, temperature monitoring point variations and a variety of other events, allowing for constant control and overview of assets and environmental performance within the cold chain.
The 12th annual show is the perfect opportunity to spotlight the cold chain industry and its role as a critical component in supplying the world's ever-growing population - all while maintaining GDP compliance in an ever-changing climate.
The country is focusing at the aim of revamping the cold chain infrastructure in the country while promoting awareness on providing cost effective logistics and warehousing solutions to India's growing export and import trade.
Keywords: Immunisation children, Cold chain maintenance, Expanded programme on immunisation.
That figure is set to increase further with input from Asia-IMARC Group tips Asia-Pacific healthcare cold chain logistics will post double-digit growth through 2020.
All these challenges of frozen food market are now changing with many private players entering into the cold chain segment.
Thus, we had visited a total of 19 UPHCs in this study to assess their cold chain system from April 2013 to May 2014.
Under EPI, high-performing cold chain technologies through Cold Chain Equipment Optimization platform (CCE OP) will be upgraded.
Rapid Aid was the company's exclusive supplier of cold chain packaging gel products (CC Gels).