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In support of feeding more and wasting less through a strengthened cold chain, Carrier will build on its inaugural "World Cold Chain Summit to Reduce Food Waste," held in London in 2014, and host a second summit, in Singapore, on Dec.
The conference will feature case studies and presentations on the key issues surrounding the global healthcare cold chain distribution process and logistic requirements for temperature-sensitive healthcare products from MHRA, Sanofi R&D, Genzyme, Pfizer, Seer Pharma, World Courier, Novartis, UNICEF, Shire Pharmaceuticals, American Airlines, Exelsius Cold Chain Management and many more.
FAO and MLFI have been working hard to re-establish the central cold chain in order to get the vaccines to all parts of South Sudan" said Serge Tissot, the FAO country representative.
Infitrak's strategy is unique in the industry, offering a complete suite of solutions, including cold chain services, package assessment and design and real time data monitoring.
We agreed on APEC food security Road Map towards 2020, which emphasized the importance of developing cold chain.
The event supported by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries and National Centre for Cold Chain Development was attended by industry leaders and DoNER Minister V K Singh.
As a key link in the cold chain, where food safety is imperative, STEF is committed to a dynamic of innovation to pursue a sustainable development.
Live viral vaccine potency: an index for assessing the cold chain system.
com)-- With the total size of the healthcare cold chain logistic services market expected to expand further from its current figure of [pounds sterling]4.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About cold chain A cold chain is a type of supply chain management that involves the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.