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This is true for hot deserts, such as Death Valley, and cold deserts such as Antarctica.
Campbell IB, Claridge GGC (2000) Soil temperature, moisture and salinity patterns in Transantarctic Mountain Cold Desert soils.
The cold desert vegetation at the study site was dominated by perennial shrubs including Coleogyne ramosissima, Ephedra viridis, Artemisia filifolia, Vanclevea stylosa, and Quercus havardii.
Precipitation in the cold deserts is not only very low but also very variable.
We have all types' larger types of natural habitats in between the hot deserts in the south and cold desert in the north of the country.
The drive from Shimla to Gramphoo is the perfect way to enjoy the dramatic landscapes of this hill state--from lush green valleys to a stark cold desert
The slower pacing of Cold Desert, Closer, Revelry and Manhattan haunted the arena; the balance of quiet and loud creating much more tension than any showy guitar riff or catchy chorus ever could.
This intrepid man moves through ice cold desert nights and fine mornings and, as he deplores, applauds or groans inwardly he reveals the nature of the Tuareg he had gone back to find.
To the north of the Sonoran Desert, the Mojave Desert is a zone of transition with the two cold desert and subdesert regions of the Great Basin Desert.
Dwellings excavated from loess provide cool shelter from the hot desert sun and retain the day's heat very effectively during the cold desert nights.
Mars resembles a cold desert, with temperatures well below freezing and an all but negligible atmosphere.
SKARDU -- Commissioner Baltistan Region, Asim Ayub Monday informed that government would organize a cold desert car rally in Sarfranga area starting from August 17 till 19.