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He, too, is suffering from a cold; he has been kept waiting in a draught at the shop where he bought the lemons; he feels alternately hot and cold, and he begs permission to lie down for a little while on his bed.
It was a cold letter, and the more plausible for that.
You mustn't handle your piece in that 'ere way, when you come to have the charge in it, Sir,' said the tall gamekeeper gruffly; 'or I'm damned if you won't make cold meat of some
She was very cold but after walking for five minutes no longer minded the cold.
The cold stung, and at the same time delighted one.
There came a day when the rain fell in torrents; and it being December, to be wet with it and have to sit all day long in one of the cold cellars of Brown's was no laughing matter.
Water can only be made cold enough for summer comfort by being prepared in a refrigerator or a closed ice-pitcher.
I was seldom whipped by my old master, and suf- fered little from any thing else than hunger and cold.
The weather was cold and there was little or no grass for the oxen, which made the journey difficult; but he had been tempted to it by the high rates of transport that prevailed at that season of the year, which would remunerate him for any probable loss he might suffer in cattle.
The Venusberg of Piccadilly looked white as a nun with snow and moonlight, but the melancholy music of pleasure, and the sad daughters of joy, seemed not to heed the cold.
The ice is lovely, and the weather jolly; we do not mind the cold in the least.
But after a short time the woman gave birth to a little girl, who was as white as snow and as cold as ice.