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PORTER. The name of an ancient English officer who bore or carried a rod before the justices. The door-keeper of the English parliament also bears this name.
     2. One who is employed as a common carrier to carry goods from one place to another in the same town, is also called a porter. Such person is in general answerable as a common carrier. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.

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The timeless and elegant wardrobe Armani and Yates created for the Cole Porter role includes looks than span decades, from the tailored chic of the 1920s to updated looks that mark the time of Porter's death in 1964.
Cole Porter fans, however, prefer Arnold's So-Good fudge, which gained notoriety as the songwriter's favorite confection during the recent 100th anniversary of the Peru native's birth.
It promises to be a spectacular show with bags of big dance numbers and lots of humour to add to those show-stopping Cole Porter classic tunes.
But it was Cole Porter himself who really stole the show, with his stream of wonderfully crafted melodies, clever lyrics and wicked rhyming couplets.
Cole Porter Night and Day will have its own production of "Anything Goes," carefully restored to its 1934 form.
Birnbaum (the New Yorker who rooted for Manny Ramirez) holds the Cole Porter Fellowship from APA, awarded in May 2004 at APA's sixth Triennial American Jazz Piano Competition, and he will play jazz.
DE-LOVELY is a musical biopic of legendary composer Cole Porter, starring Kevin Kline as the entertainer, torn between his wife and the many young men in his life.
Big budget movies about Ray Charles,udget movies about Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, Johnny Cash and Cole Porter are currently in production.
Also this summer, some of the best-known and best-loved recordings of 18 of his immortal songs, performed by music's greatest singers and digitally remastered, are heard on THE VERY BEST OF COLE PORTER (Hip-O/UTV/Verve/UMe), released June 15, 2004.
A record that was lyric-driven, like Cole Porter stuff, that also had a lot of swing.
The cover mimics those flea-market treasures with a swanky photo, vintage typefaces, and credits attributing songwriting to Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, and Hoagy Carmichael, all bald-faced lies.
Racette painstakingly combed through hand-written manuscripts, famous musicians' fake books, vintage sheet music and, through a transaction made with a rare book dealer, Ethel Merman's very own copy of Cole Porter lyrics.