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With Vichy, of course, this was not some romanticism from afar; the collaborationist intellectuals were betraying their own country.
In the national narrative, my father's family was a distasteful emblem, linked, by circumstance, not only to the vicious undeclared war of their homeland, but in dark historical shame to the collaborationists of Vichy and, further back still, to the ugliest excesses of the Dreyfus affair.
53) At the 1956 National Jewish Community Relations Council meeting, professor Arnold Rose compared the reluctance of Jews in the South to speak out in favor of desegregation with Nazi collaborationists: "If [Jewish leaders] do not take a long run and courageous view of the current crisis [on segregation], they are playing the same role as the collaborationist Jews played in Europe during the Nazi period.
He wrote poems against the collaborationists, using an assumed name, and these were passed around.
Misandry invariably leads to misogyny, since women who fail to adhere to the party line must be collaborationists.

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