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Despite best intentions, proactive efforts often are met with challenges in terms of initiating and maintaining productive interprofessional relationships that foster collaboration and personal involvement.
Collaboration can be a powerful tool in higher education and assessment.
Axway, Dell, Fujitsu, Sun Microsystems, and Others Collaborate to Advance Royalty-Free Standard for e-Business Collaboration
The literature suggests that best practices in teacher preparation are grounded in collaboration and include: school-university partnerships in which teacher preparation becomes a shared responsibility (Prater & Sileo, 2002); collaboration among faculty in planning and implementing the program (Cruz & Zaragoza, 1998; Hillman, Bottomley, Raisner & Malin, 2000; Hudson-Ross & Graham, 2000; Miller & Stayton, 1999); and student cohorts that progress through the program together and are provided support and opportunities to share and reflect upon experiences (Bullough, Clark, Wentworth, & Hansen, 2001; Jenkins, Pateman & Black, 2002; Koeppen, Huey, & Connor, 2000).
The objective of the collaboration was to apply the ProLease drug delivery system to a PRI proprietary compound being developed for the treatment of hormone-mediated disorders.
In June 2003, Curis and Genentech entered into a collaboration for the development of Hedgehog pathway inhibitors.
Fishbaugh (1997) offers a number of definitions for collaboration including the consultative model (expert informs novice), the coaching model (dual advising among peers), and the teaming model (equal ownership of the problems and solutions).
Exploring the Dynamics of Collaboration in Interorganizational Settings (Ignacio J.
MFIC Corporation and The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) recently signed an amendment to their previously announced research and collaboration agreement to develop new applications, processes and products in the area of nanomaterials utilizing MFIC's leading-edge materials processing and continuous chemical reactor equipment (the "Collaboration").
In June 2003, Curis established a collaboration with Genentech for the development of a set of technologies based on inhibition of the Hedgehog signaling pathway, including small molecule Hedgehog pathway antagonists.
inSORS) has released the inSORS Grid 2 (IG2) voice, video, & data collaboration platform designed to facilitate rich communications for groups, as well as, individual knowledge workers.

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