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com, and Art Chang, President & Founder, Tipping Point Partners will share their thoughts on collaborative software and Web 2.
By hosting the TriSano(TM) open source project, Collaborative Software Initiative is building an open source community that has a shared interest in improving citizens' health by collecting and managing data to better address infectious disease outbreaks and meet CDC compliance requirements.
Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI) was founded in 2007 by Stuart Cohen, a veteran IT executive and former chief executive officer at the Open Source Development Labs.
For applications that don't enable competitive advantage or are associated with non-value added activities such as compliance, Collaborative Software allows business managers to maintain individual control and direction over a project while accelerating compliance, reducing costs and consolidating project timelines.
CollabNet, a leading provider of on-demand collaborative software development solutions, today announced CollabNet Centralized & Unified Build, Integration, Test (CEcentsBiT), an on-demand service for centrally managing build and test environments for globally distributed development teams.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI), the company that brings like-minded companies and organizations together to collaborate on software development, announced today that they have licensed the content of the Shared Assessments Program.
CollabNet, the leading provider of collaborative software development solutions, today announced the immediate availability of CollabNet([R]) Enterprise Edition 4.
Collaborative Software Initiative partners with CollabNet(R) for development of open source compliance applications among competitors
CollabNet(R), the leading provider of on-demand collaborative software development solutions, and O'Reilly Media, prime source of technology information and community for serious developers, today announced a partnership to market and sell a joint software development solution for distributed developer networks and communities.
The company, Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI), is pioneering a market-changing process that applies open source methodologies to business communities facing similar IT challenges.

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