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Bloom of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and his collaborators studied the afterglow of the closest known gamma-ray burst, GRB 011121, which was recorded Nov.
Likewise, Thek's tendency to work with collaborators may have diminished his authorial presence in the eyes of critics and curators.
The Gaza military court sentenced the two collaborators to be hanged as per article No.
Some collaborators have been rounded up with no proof and killed or assassinated on the spot--for example, Goldfarb said that a suspected collaborator in Bethlehem was lynched, dragged, and then shot.
Beverley and his collaborators (Washington University, St.
The potential for prolonged interaction about competing explanations is something that distinguishes the process collaborators use to create knowledge from that used by individuals.
TESTING, TESTING Until Spergel, Cornish, and their collaborators have performed simulations on the dodecahedron and cosmologists have had a chance to scrutinize the work, it's premature to agree or disagree with the team's findings, Weeks says.
Custom Data Views and Access Supported iVia provides pre-constructed interface modules that can be quickly assembled and customized by collaborators in building interfaces to iVia data.
During the year before rehearsals ever began, Jenkins's present company of seven dancers (Jon Weaver, Stephanie Maher, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Sue Roginski, Tony Coray, Martin Gould, Ellie Klopp) and the five major collaborators of her career--vocal artist Rinde Eckert, composer Paul Dresher, set and lighting designer Alexander V.
The grouping, a so-called protocluster, resides about 1 billion light-years closer to Earth than does the galaxy found by Hu and her collaborators.
Three years ago, Riess and his collaborators, as well as another team, presented their first evidence that the universe had revved up its expansion.
Alnylam scientists and our collaborators continue to make significant progress in achieving delivery for RNAi therapeutics and in demonstrating in vivo efficacy in animal models of human disease.