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The collapsed backbone is the right model for client-server applications, but in this example several workgroups are running out of bandwidth.
In a popular variation on the frame-based logical collapsed backbone,workgroup-level switches can be interconnected in a mesh, eliminating the requirement for a backbone switch.
Data center or "power work group" standalone managed switches with up to 15 Gigabit ports or a mix of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet options; and -- Wiring closet, collapsed backbone, departmental switches -- with high or low port densities that can be standalone or stackable, Layer 2 or Layer 3 Fast Ethernet switches with or without Gigabit options.
The BANGG network has been constructed with 20-SMC 9432TX adapters, 24-SMC3608TAC-EZ Ethernet hubs, SMC5208 dual-speed 10/100 hubs, and 2-SMC6724TX Tiger Switches 10/100 Gigabit Managed Switch in an Ethernet/Fast Ethernet collapsed backbone topology.
After reviewing several solutions, McMurry selected Mitel's because of its collapsed backbone, availability of one cable plant for both voice and data services between the 18 buildings on the campus that are connected, and the ease of expandability in the future with the spare fiber in place.