Collateral Attack

Collateral Attack

An attempt to impeach or overturn a judgment rendered in a judicial proceeding, made in a proceeding other than within the original action or an appeal from it.

A defendant may make a collateral attack on a judgment entered against him or her in some instances. If a default judgment is entered against the person, he or she may collaterally attack the authority of the issuing court to render it, claiming that there was a lack of Personal Jurisdiction.

Similarly, if a man leaves his wife and moves to another state where he obtains a Divorce that contains no support provisions for the woman, she may directly attack the judgment by appealing it in the state where it was entered or initiate a collateral attack by bringing her own divorce action in her state of residence.

A collateral attack may also be made upon a judicial proceeding in a single state.

collateral attack

n. a legal action to challenge a ruling in another case. For example, Joe Parenti has been ordered to pay child support in a divorce case, but he then files another lawsuit trying to prove a claim that he is not the father of the child. A "direct attack" would have been to raise the issue of parenthood in the divorce action.

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Plea Appeal and Collateral Attack Waivers--A National Survey
By staying up to date with class action case law, innovative notice functions, and evolving media options, Kinsella Media provides comprehensive, fully integrated programs that withstand collateral attack.
Finally, the governor's argument that none of Florida's capital exonerees had "exhausted their legal remedies" is misleading insofar as those remedies in some cases were achieved after their first round of collateral attack.
In sum, Osceola's action is nothing more than a collateral attack on rates approved by FERC pursuant to settlement agreement that preclude any future challenges to those rates," Entergy's motion states.
As the district court concluded, Patrice's complaint was a collateral attack on her civil commitment as she sought to challenge or undermine the commitment orders.
Alberta Provincial Court trial judge Justice Ted Fisher had ruled that a constitutional argument was a collateral attack and could not be used in a criminal trial.
The third point is Fisher's ruling that collateral attack against the province's Wild Life Act by invoking Sect.
Second, it launched a collateral attack on the officer's qualifications to serve as a police officer by cutting off any legal route for him to be able to carry a gun," wrote Ms.
Fisher also said that collateral attack against the province's Wild Life Act by invoking Sect.
4) If that is true, every order entered in those foreclosure cases--including the judgment of foreclosure, the order approving sale, and the order of possession--could be void and subject to direct or collateral attack at any time.
6) The distinction between void and voidable judgments is important because void judgments are subject to both direct and collateral attack, whereas voidable judgments may be subject to direct attack.
The starting point for cross-examination of any expert in any case is a collateral attack on the expert well before you get near the merits of his opinion.

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