Collateral issue

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COLLATERAL ISSUE, practice, pleading. Where a criminal convict pleads any matter, allowed by law, in bar of execution; as pregnancy, a pardon, and the like.

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The directive may put pressure on the collateral issue, but "several preliminary steps need to occur before the trade question is legitimate.
They wonder, what is the purpose of this system if all it's going to do is decide these collateral issues and not actually decide whether the assault took place?
The panel will discuss how to develop a sound micro-enterprise lending program, distinguishing between micro-enterprise business loans and member business loans, understanding collateral issues and best practices in collections.
And his lawsuits stemming from collateral issues to the same-sex marriage ruling will depend on finding cases where someone's rights were violated.
What is more, they have the potential to address lesser attacks and remedy other related and collateral issues with data hoarding.
By nuances, while designers often focus on an emerging new technology offering much improved performance in a specific aspect of their design, they often are not aware of the collateral issues to consider to incorporate that technology: materials that change thermal characteristics that alter fabrication and assembly; tolerance issues that may compromise an overall design; material compatibility, especially in multilayer construction, etc.
The six-year scope also allows Doherty to investigate a number of collateral issues.
of Virginia) presents a concise edition of the fourth edition of his textbook on remedies, which has been shortened through edited cases (with most of the cuts occurring to the discussion of secondary issues) and heavy cuts in the notes and their additional illustrations, collateral issues, questions, descriptions of dissents, and law review articles.
The attorney asked whether there is a conflict on advising a client to accept a plea bargain agreement when that agreement stipulates the defendant cannot raise on appeal collateral issues, including ineffective assistance of counsel or prosecutorial misconduct.
Capital market solutions for funding reserves have been unavailable for the past two years as monoline problems, credit risk and collateral issues, and widening asset-backed security spreads have disrupted the market severely.