Collateral security

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COLLATERAL SECURITY, contracts. A separate obligation attached to another contract, to guaranty its performance. By this term is also meant the transfer of property or of other contracts to insure the performance of a principal engagement. The property or securities thus conveyed are also called collateral securities. 1 Pow. Mortg. 393; 2 Id. 666, n. 871; 3 Id. 944, 1001.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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and releasing the collateral security posted for the said bond attained finality in February 2016.
It said that the new law could violate its rights over collateral security and impair its liquidity operations.
According to the company statement, no collateral security will be required on funding up to Rs 10 lakhs for cases done under CGTSME.
Delco Oil granted CapitalSource a perfected security interest in all of Delco Oil's personal property, including inventory, collections and cash payments, as collateral security for the payment of Delco Oil's obligations to CapitalSource.
If a policy has been assigned as collateral security for insured's loan, are the life insurance proceeds includable in insured's gross estate?
"We have always followed a prudent lending philosophy, which emphasised borrower cash flow and repayment ability rather than relying on collateral security values.
This weekend, McClatchy disclosed it had agreed to amendments to its $1.175 billion bank credit facility that eases the allowable leverage and interest coverage ratios, while raising interest rates and providing more collateral security for its creditors.
It says it also holds collateral security under agreements for its net derivative exposure to the failed company.
Pensher Skytech balance aesthetics and high performance to ensure that personal safety and collateral security are never compromised.
A bank shall use the standard flood hazard determination form developed by the Director of FEMA when determining whether the building or mobile home offered as collateral security for a loan is or will be located in a special flood hazard area in which flood insurance is available under the Act.
Then the venture was financed through a unique model of Islamic collateral security (ICS), because it had strong elements: extensive local equity held by SVCG; international equity held by Chevron; a strong local lending base from Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi, Saudi British Bank and United Saudi Bank; a regional lending base from Gulf International Bank; an international lending base through Chase Manhattan; limited recourse financing techniques applied by the JV's advisors; and diversification in the petrochemicals business.
The possibilities were - and still are - manifold; relationships could be established through marriage, godparentage, naming practices, guardianship, Kriegsvogtschaft (i.e., court guardianship of a woman's rights through a chosen man), and pledging (i.e., providing collateral security).