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From July 10, 2019, every customer in M&S food stores spending [pounds sterling]20 or more on food will be offered a Little Shop collectable pack containing one of the 25 iconic minis - and additional collectables for every subsequent [pounds sterling]20 spent.
The new tenant, David, has sold books and collectables for over 18 years.
The exhibition includes a Millennium Falcon, left, and rare collectables from the original films
Administrators KPMG confirmed that 25 redundancies have been made at the Collectables head office in Blaydon - but admitted it was a "changeable situation" as they began an in-depth consideration of staffing requirements.
Lewis began working in his father's retail chain Collectables at the age of 16, and together they have grown the business, which started as a barrow in the Metrocentre, to run nine stores across the region, selling not only gifts but increasingly, fashion accessories, furniture and gifts.
n The New Market Hall in Lower High Street, Bromsgrove, is staging an antiques and collectables fair from Waverley Fairs (0121 550 4123) 10am-4.30pm.
ONE collectable which is still strong worldwide, albeit quieter in Europe, are phonecards.
Matthew Barton, a general valuer for Sotheby's auctioneers, says that small silver collectables, such as teaspoons and button hooks, have not improved in value for years.
"We hope to have 100 Ashley Avery Collectables stores in the next four or five years," said Steve Lowrey, senior vice president of Deck The Walls and the newly formed Ashley Avery's Collectables.
Collectables chairman Philip Lewis said: "We felt there was a clear demand for good quality beds at the middle and top end of the market and when this landmark premises became available, we saw the potential immediately."
Collectables managing director David Lewis said: "Our highly-successful stores at the Metrocentre and Portrack Lane, Teesside, prove that the Collectables brand performs best in out-of-town locations, and our first fortnight's trading at St James' Retail Park has been extremely busy."
General, household and collectables auction 3 DRAGON COLLECTORS FAIR, Neath TownHall, Neath 3 BRIGHTWELLS, general 3 ANTHEMION AUCTIONS 4 DRAGON COLLECTORS FAIR, Cardiff Methodist Church, Nottingham Street, Cardiff 6 MJ PROMOTIONS.