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Technologies would be developed to maintain and further the collective society and not just aid those in power.
In their own ways, some Saudi and other Gulf citizens have embarked on that epic journey from a traditional, patriarchal, collective society defined mainly by faith and family, to one in which individual citizens have many more rights and options in living out their lives.
I strongly believe, as French historian Alexis de Tocqueville opined centuries ago, that an association is a collective society, one that sets shared goals and works toward them together--many individuals working jointly will always accomplish more than those working in isolation.
The Indigeneity Arts Collective Society fits this theme, with their contemporary art and new media work," said Dawn Sanders Dahl, director of programs and marketing.
In Wales we have a long tradition of a caring collective society.
Meanwhile, the Japanese public is recognizing that returning to the collective society is no longer applicable to the 21st century progress and women's desire to play an active role in the world's order.
Individuals act selfishly but in fact as a collective society we're all unwitting instruments of a greater force in human affairs - change and the era's which define a generation.
Of course, certain strands of classical anarchism draw on elements of Marxism--particularly in its analysis of the capitalist economy--and, moreover, the goal of both is the same--a collective society based on free association.

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