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Now, as our collective society begins to recognize and respond to this danger, we're in a position to create a higher standard and demand more from ourselves, our suppliers and manufacturers.
Of course, certain strands of classical anarchism draw on elements of Marxism--particularly in its analysis of the capitalist economy--and, moreover, the goal of both is the same--a collective society based on free association.
Gough's Constructivism is, like all else in early Soviet Russia, a laboratory where everything pertaining to art is subjected to "experimentation to the point of exhaustion," most significantly the role of the artist in the collective society to come.
A nation glued to the television screen is not simply at a loss before the iron pioneers of the new collective society.
In case you never heard of it (and I'd bet few Canadians know it exists) the Copyright Board, by its own definition, is an "economic regulatory body empowered to establish, either mandatorily, (their word, not mine) or at the request of an interested party, the royalties to be paid for the use of works protected by copyright, when the administration of these rights is entrusted to a collective society.
In a collective society (like China), individuals are expected to contribute to the wealth of their parents, clan, or organization in exchange for group support.

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