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Established in 2010, Sydney-based, WiTH Collective is one of the major and most awarded digital experience agencies in Australia, with a robust team of 75 people servicing a list of blue chip clients in the market.
D'autres deputes ont vivement critique l'article de loi qui donne aux gouverneurs le pouvoir absolu en matiere de gestion des terres collectives.
It requires too much of the belief-states of members of obligated collectives, and too little of their motivations.
With collectives, however, gains realised on the sale of investments within the fund are exempt from CGT.
The distinction is related to two ways in which the fitness of collectives can be understood: collective [fitness.
The last thing one expects of him is the surrender of individual identity to an anonymous submersion in the collective.
One thing Gingeras does get straight, however, is that radical politics were very much a central concern for collectives in the '80s and '90s--among those I knew and worked with were Political Art Documentation and Distribution (PAD/D), Group Material, Carnival Knowledge, and REPOhistory--as well as those that came before and after, including Artists Meeting for Cultural Change (AMCC), Art Workers Coalition (AWC), Guerrilla Art Action Group (GAAG), and Paper Tiger, and more recently Dyke Action Machine, Guerrilla Girls, Gran Fury, [R][TM] ark, the Yes Men, Sub Rosa, Critical Art Ensemble, Yomango, Whisper Media, and Temporary Services.
Much like the black collectives of the past such as The Dark Room poetry collective in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Umbra collective in New York's Lower East Side and Harlem--which nurtured Rosa Guy, Ishmael Reed and Amiri Baraka--present-day black writers are focusing on literary aesthetics as well as social issues.
If these factors explain why the rebellion occurred, then the irony is that the regime was saved from more rebellions like the one in Pitelinskii by the one feature of the village that the OGPU complained most bitterly about--the way in which sel'sovets acted as a brake on the collectivization process by refusing to cooperate, by allowing peasants to avoid the collectives, by helping wealthy peasants to disguise their wealth, by dividing grain requisitioning demands by "eater" as opposed to class, by providing false documents, and by accepting any kind of excuses to alleviate state policies.
Moreover, it encourages collectivists to limit membership in collectives to those who have made at least some minimal contribution to the outcome in question.
The picture that emerges from the Berkeley Art Museum's fascinating retrospective of Ant Farm, the experimental architecture collective founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michels in 1968, is one of relentless flatness.