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Thus these index scores developed by Hofstede can be interpreted as significantly different, with Ghana classified as a collectivist culture and Johannesburg as an individualist culture.
The findings of the study ran counter to those of previous studies concerning individualism-collectivism in that the female students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses had high collectivist behaviour while their male counterparts showed low collectivist behaviour.
In it, 140 business students were divided into two groups and primed with either an individualist or collectivist mindset using well-established manipulations.
The present research focused on the prominent characteristics of adolescents' self-construal in a collectivist society and examined whether they were associated with their buffet preference.
I agree with the collectivists that not all cases of moral responsibility are reducible to or distribute to the responsibility borne by the individuals involved.
In this way, collectivists seek to build a social "safety net" to protect individuals who make poor choices.
From this premise, he analyzes the debacle of the collectivist experiments of the 20th century--nationalism, communism, fascism--and their profound negative effect on the wealth and freedom of nations.
Generally speaking, this sensibility was conducive to a collectivist or at least nonliberal social order because social institutions and the rule of law were deemed at best secondary or at worst irrelevant in promoting economic progress, which was viewed as a mere engineering problem.
Dead Hand contends that collectivist ideas are bad ideas that, like bin Laden's, can be used to justify the mass murder of civilians.
Like countless collectivists before them, our dim-wit governor and legislators grow increasingly frustrated at their inability to repeal the law of supply and demand.
Results suggested that extreme individualists were no less coachable and no less satisfied with participation in a team sport than extreme collectivists.