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COLLECTOR, officer. One appointed to receive taxes or other impositions; as collector of taxes; collector of militia fines, &c. A collector is also a person appointed by a private person to collect the credits due him. Metc. & Perk. Dig. h.t.

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The commissioner also assigned new collectors of other ports, namely lawyer Ma.
Under the proposals being considered, debt collectors would be required to have more and better information about the debt before they collect.
LAHORE -- Chairman Federal Board of Revenue, Ansar Javed ordered the immediate transfers of Several Additional Collectors, Deputy Collectors and Assistant Collectors of Model Customs Collectorate and Appraisement Collectorate, Lahore.
A cross referencing system links the line drawings of shapes to be found in Paul Gardner's THE GLASS OF FREDERICK CARDER with auction records and references to photos in the nine books cited here: the result is an invaluable index and cross-linked reference Steuben collectors will find essential.
These notes help collectors get a sense for what makes each doll valuable, what photos are missing details, and what features enhance a doll's appearance.
Proud of their efforts, these private collectors, commercial dealers, and museum curators view themselves as temporary caretakers of timeless treasures.
None of the collectors were named, except the Maison Rouge's founder, Antoine de Galbert, who showed about seventy small works in a model of his vestibule.
They tend to be art collectors in addition to having insatiable appetites for new dolls.
Collectors are restoring cars such as the Ford Maverick to their former glory, recreating the "Grabber" model in intense '70s colors.
The following Symantec Event Collectors are currently available: Symantec Event Collector for Network Associates ePO and VirusScan, Symantec Event Collector for Trend Micro Gateway and Groupware, Symantec Event Collector for Check Point VPN-1/Firewall-1, and Symantec Event Collector for ISS RealSecure.