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Whether draped over the end of the dorm bed or on the dorm chair or college sofa, the college student will be able to create an incredibly comfortable college dorm room for rest and relaxation.
8203;3 - Entryway Tower - The college student may not think about where dorm items like coats, umbrellas, and keys in are going to be kept in a college dorm room.
DormCo now offers a new line of jewelry cabinets that provide dorm essentials that college dorm rooms lack - dorm room storage and full-length mirrors.
2 - Dorm Curtains or Privacy Blinds - College dorm rooms come with blinds but those blinds are going to be a little flimsy and not offer as much privacy as the college student wants in the college dorm room.
Bathroom accessories will have to be left in the college dorm room and carried back and forth.
To make a college dorm room feel more like home, Ronni Whitman, an interior design instructor at The Art Institute of California - Orange County says, "Once you get to your room, find out if you can paint, especially if your walls are a dreary beige or other unattractive 'neutral color.
4 - Multi-Functional Cookers - College dorm rooms are small and there is not much space to be able to store every separate cooking dorm item.
Seventy-two percent of teen respondents to the Harris Survey said they were interested in accessing entertainment content on the computer without using a keyboard or mouse, so the Media Center PC remote will make your kid the envy of the college dorm.
Creating a true personal theater experience that is a welcome addition to any bedroom, college dorm room, home office or living room setting, the Satellite P25-S609 features a 17.
When coming back to the college dorm room to relax and study, the college student will want to sit somewhere more comfortable to work.
Perfect for an apartment, retirement-home room, college dorm room, or other small living space, it provides that comforting holiday scent of pine and reminders of the gifts of nature.
The sleek and compact Dimension 4600C is ideal for use in living rooms or smaller spaces like dens, bedrooms or even college dorm rooms.

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