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The fall campaign was a traditional one of staking out positions on issues and painting the opposition in negative terms until mid-October when The Oregonian ran a story revealing that Wu had tried to force sex on an ex-girlfriend in a college dorm in 1976.
Started in a college dorm room in 2004, Facebook is now the most used social networking site in the world with more than 500 million active users (about 1 person in 14 in the world).
My son was playing music on his laptop for a dozen friends at a party in his college dorm suite.
Upromise enables consumers to save money on school supplies, clothing and college dorm essentials when shopping online at more than 650 retailers, and to earn money back (1 percent to 25 percent on eligible purchases) for higher education.The Web site now includes the following features:Shop: Upromise credit card holders can save money on all purchases, and on average earn seven times more than members who don"t.
Galley Guru is also highly recommended for anyone who has to cook in other tight and possibly moving spaces, such as on an RV or a train, or even a cramped college dorm.
The business started in the owner's college dorm room and has grown to a 15,500 square foot facility.
The civil rights case concerned a student accusing his college of violating his due process and free speech rights in the way in which the school sanctioned him after he was accused and found responsible for harassing a college dorm director.
Not only are they great for home use, but they are good tools for restaurants, college dorm rooms and offices.
Life in the cast house can have some of the same feel--and tensions--as a college dorm, with cliques, personalities, problems, and shifting allegiances.
They furnished one bedroom like a college dorm room, one like a master bedroom, and one like a child's room.
Unit Q, where the Mission Possible girls are held, has the feel of a college dorm and holds 60 girls.

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