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Today's college dorms are a far cry from the institutional dormitories of old.
4) "State Fire Marshals Urge `Special Caution' to Prevent Repeat of Deadly College Dorm Fire.
com will re-open its home furnishings e-commerce site in October, and claims a product line "capable of furnishing the most traditional home, the wackiest college dorm room and everything in between, including your business office and outdoor patio.
At night, they may return to a roaring campfire, a college dorm room, or a condo overlooking the ocean.
Remember when you were a green-as-grass freshman and first stepped into your college dorm room?
Sleep Innovations is expanding its focus on sleep products for the home to include sleep solutions for the college dorm.
These days my Facebook feed is full of pictures, posted by parents, of their teenagers newly installed into college dorm rooms.
Future competitive bidding in the North Savo college dorm in the main building and the repair and modification.
Over the years, our singers have performed in local homes, businesses and college dorm rooms, and we've provided the soundtrack for many romantic Valentine's dinners," Nigro said.
COOS BAY - After finding a pipe bomb and marijuana plants growing in a Southwest Oregon Community College dorm room, Coos Bay police arrested a 19-year-old student.
The saying, "Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional" has taken on a whole new meaning for a group of grandparents spending the night in a college dorm again.
Had I not been willing to leave my son in a college dorm, looking like a forlorn kindergartner in T-shirt and soccer shorts, I would never have seen him as student-body president, in cap and gown, addressing the opening convocation two years later.

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